Should Pregnant Kate Middleton Stop Wearing High Heels? Do You Think This Is Any Of Your Business?

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kate middletonRemember when an adorable Kate Middleton told a guardsman on St. Patrick’s Day that she kinda, sorta wants a little boy, instead of a fairytale princess? Well you guys probably didn’t notice because you were busy living your lives, but the Duchess and royal fetus carrier was wearing high heels while she was out celebrating green beer day. Cue the concern-trolling!

High heel concern has become the latest media concoction to continue churning out headlines about celebrity pregnancy. It plagued moms like Victoria Beckham and Snooki. I mean, there’s only so many times you can talk about baby weight gain and tabloids need months of pregnancy material. Get ready for in depth conversations about the effects of shapewear on a growing fetus. Oh wait, we already do that, too.

So what do people have to say about Kate and her seriously modest high heels? A Beverly Hills Podiatric Surgeon warns, “When you’re pregnant you’re going to change the center of gravity… Fall over you’re going to hurt yourself and hurt the baby.” It’s worth noting that your center of gravity changes whether your in heels or not. And you can fall whether you’re in heels or not.

Are high heels the most sensible shoe option? No, whether your pregnant or not. But some women like them and they get to wear them. Human beings in general get to choose their footwear. It’s one of those rights we’re always so passionate about.

The idea that we even feel entitled to have opinions about Kate Middleton’s shoes is just so ridiculous. Now let’s get back to obsessing over whether she’s going to have a boy or girl and what she eats to relieve all that morning sickness. Hint: It’s lavender shortbread cookies.

(Photo: Daniel Deme/WENN)