Kim Kardashian Is Considering An Ultra Chic Parisian Birth

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pregnant Kim KardashianLike a fair amount of the celeb mommy cohort, Kim Kardashian is shopping around maternity wards trying to figure out where the best place to deliver her ultra famous baby would be. July will sneak up faster than any of us can say “Kim Kardashian delivers a healthy baby girl!” and wouldn’t you know the reality starlet is scoping out Paris as a possible delivery spot. Just don’t settle for anything less than the Beyonce maternity suite, Kim. You’ve earned it.

TMZ reports that while pregnant Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were probably hand in hand strolling about the city of lights, she paid a hospital visit specifically to “scope out the maternity ward.”

Kim is reportedly considering delivering her baby in France because of those pretty stellar anti-pap laws that have Halle Berry so jazzed — and because Kanye already has a “sick pad” there. Done and done.

Don’t forget Snooki‘s “glam” delivery trips and do send the obligatory press release when everything is clean and tidy. Please, no live-tweeting deliveries and berating the pap for not following you into the stirrups. We’ll no doubt be seeing all of the labor during the next Keeping Up With The Kardashian trailer so please keep us in suspense. Promise?