Poor Kim Kardashian Has A Sonogramal Break Down In ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Season 8 Trailer

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Pregnant Kim Kardashian has had, so far, a very stressful pregnancy. So much so that a doctor recently paid the reality starlet a visit and told her to not let her Kris Humphries divorce get to her. There’s even further speculation that the mommy-to-be had a miscarriage scare. So leave it to the Kardashian Empire to parlay all that stress and panic into season eight of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

In the new trailer, we’re treated to all sorts of Kim Kardashian bump shots and quick pull aways as Khloe Kardashian tells everyone  “___ you.” Nothing like disputes between family members being punctuated with the bleep expletives to build tension in under a minute. But in between Kris Jenner jumping for joy at the prospect of a (lucrative) grandchild (opportunity), we have poor Kim experiencing nothing short of a sonogramal breakdown — spliced with Kris narrating about how all the “stress” is going to land Kim in the hospital.

While it completely sucks that an ailing pregnant lady possibly on the brink of a miscarriage scare is being dangled around for reality TV entertainment, it’s more or less what is to be expected from the family who continues to redefine exploitation.

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