Fair Maiden Sells Her Maidenhood On The Internet To The Highest Bidder For Gazillions Of Dollars

You guys, if we had a time travel way back machine we could all go back to the back in the day and sell our virginities to fancy Japanese businessmen like this 20-year-old Brazilian student did. And make $780,000 dollars. And use it to buy ourselves really nice shoes or houses or fancy cats or money to build homes for poverty-stricken families in our hometowns like Catrina Migliorini wants to.

From our friends at Fox News Latino:

The 20-year old Brazilian college student who auctioned off her virginity in an attempt to raise money to build homes for poverty-stricken families in her hometown has found her match in a Japanese man named Natsu.

While she insists she is not a prostitute and that she is only doing this to make a positive impact on the world, the physical education student has sparked controversy by having an Australian film crew follow her every move for a documentary entitled ”Virgin’s Wanted.”

”The auction is just business, I’m a romantic girl at heart and believe in love. But this will make a big difference to my area.”

The Brazilian signed up for the project two years ago when she answered an advertisement by Thomas Williams Productions.

The auction’s winner will be tested for any sexually transmitted diseases while on board a flight from Australia to the U.S. in an effort to avoid any prostitution laws. A condom will be required.

Migliorini has also stated that she is prepared to prove to anyone who is skeptical that she has not had sex before. Her emotions before and after her first sexual encounter will be recorded by Director Justin Sisely.


[youtube_iframe id=”_lSLTBCw1PU”]
This is a video of Catrina happily frolicking in the sand as she contemplates selling off her lady garden on the internet to a stranger. When I lost my own virginity, there was no frolicking involved. You can also see the young man who sold his virginity for a paltry $3,000 enjoying a rousing game of mini golf. Sadly, losing my virginity did not include a round of mini golf.

I guess auctioning off your virginity for charity is a nice idea. The romantic in me wants to think that women lose their virginity to the person they will love forever and ever and live happily ever after, but I guess losing your virginity for charity is better than losing it due to a pressuring lunkhead of a boyfriend in the backseat of a car when you are 16-years-old or to some person you met while drunk in a bar who has a name you will never remember.

If we are all going to be honest was your own first sexual experience worth almost a million dollars? Did you lose your virginity to your soul mate? I would hate to think of my own daughter (or son) ever doing something like this but I suppose in this modern day and age of fancy things like Internet virginity auctions there is always a possibility that someday it could happen. But I am doing my best to teach my own children not to sell their sexuality on the internet, even if it means they will sell their virginity for charity. Which is why I police them when they are online. Because it’s one thing to sell your old Pokemon cards on eBay, and another thing entirely to auction your virginity off to the highest bidder.

It’s nice that Catrina Migliorini Plans on using the money to help the people in her village, but the mom part of me feels all sad that it has to be this way. Can’t some other fancy businessman or person give her the money and tell her to keep her virginity until she meets someone worthy of giving it to? I demand someone start a Kickstarter for this!

(photo:  minor suzuki/shutterstock)

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