Pregnant Kim Kardashian Has Been Experiencing Severe Pains Thanks To That Kris Humphries Divorce

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Kim Kardashian pregnancyPregnant Kim Kardashian has a full plate. The soon-to-be mother not only has two-thirds of the Internet speculating about her Fatty McFat weight (while some media outlets pose whether she is exercising too often), but she’s also in the middle of building her “dream house” with her Dream Man. In between all that story book happiness is our E! heroine still trying to handle all this divorce business with Kris Humphries. And her doctor is concerned as to what all of that is doing to her unborn.

TMZ reports that Kim called her doctor several days ago, in the middle of the night, because she was experiencing “severe pains.” Said doctor schlepped over to the expecting reality star’s house and determined that her pain was “largely stress-related.”

Kim Kardashian also reportedly experienced another bout of pain shortly before meeting with her lawyer. The first-time mommy has apparently gotten a slap on the wrist from her doctor saying that if she doesn’t manage her stress better, there could be “long-term effects.”

Kim is reportedly spooked by the doctor’s diagnosis — and maybe that’s why she’s headed to the gym daily? Stress management via elliptical? As in, not a deeply psychological “baby weight” narrative in which she spends her nights wringing her palms over merely getting fat. Oh, the horror. Just a theory. Clearly she’s got a lot more serious issues to contend with than how she fits into her gym wear.

(photo: Phil Stafford / Shutterstock)