I Think Kanye West Is Mad At Me For Making Fun Of The Notion Of Kim Kardashian Having A Baby Registry

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Kim Kardashian Baby Registry CharityYou guys, how possible is it that Kanye West , my best friend (IN MY MIND) read my article where I slagged on his baby mama for having all the monies in the world and also having a baby registry where people can buy her soon-to-be-spawn cashmere socks? I think it is totally possible because now TMZ is reporting that Kim and Kanye no longer want your stupid $300 baby Dior kicks and instead they want you to give your monies to the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, where Kanye grew up. Sweet, no? I think it’s nice when people who have all the monies share the monies with those less fortunate, especially children, because I’m sure Kim and Kanye will get some pretty fancy baby gifts anyway, like a diamond encrusted Diaper Genie or something.

The entire Kardashian Klan (Minus Kanye and Lamar, Kanye because he is being Kanye and Lamar because he is playing basketball) are on a family holiday in Greece for the Kardashian Family Funtime Bonanza Program  Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Kim keeps tweeting photos like this:

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 5.21.28 AM

which I think is a pretty big indicator that she should no longer be allowed to have a babymoon. Can we forbid her from taking one? I’m not saying this because I want to ruin Kim’s fun, I’m merely looking out for her because this much beauty and relaxation cannot be good for anyone.

And now that I’m pretty convinced that Kim and Kanye totally care what I think, I think they should also invite me to come and be Kim’s birthing coach and by “birthing coach” I mean the person who stands around while she is in labor and holds all of her jewelry for her and demands that Patrick Bateman Kourtney‘s husband brings me delicious snacks to keep my energy up. I’m sure keeping up with the Kardashians is exhausting.

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