It’s The Anniversary Of My Hysterectomy And I Keep Forgetting I Had A Hysterectomy

Uterus_Plush_ToyMy how time flies. One year ago on this very day I was letting a robot remove my lady parts and I was truthfully terrified that I would not make it though the surgery. I even went so far as to make sure my refrigerator was super clean just in case I died during my operation because I didn’t want anyone to be appalled at the condition of my produce bin. Since I underwent my operation, I’ve received countless emails from women preparing for their own hysterectomies, and everyone was just as scared as I was.

I can barely remember it. I remember after surgery I was in a lot of pain for a few days, and I forgot to take a pain pill and I woke up in the middle of the night sobbing due to how much pain I was in. That taught me the extremely important lesson to always take your pain medication even if you don’t feel like you need it. I can remember getting tired more easily, and just feeling run down. But other than that? Cakewalk. Those Davinci robots sure do know what they are doing.

One sort of amusing aspect is that I often forget I no longer have a uterus. Like I will catch myself thinking something like “Oh, maybe I am not done having babies” and then I will remember that the only babies I will ever have again is if I adopt one. Or else I will be in a drug store and I will think about whether or not I am out of tampons and then I happily realize I will never have to buy those hateful things again. I never, ever have to worry about birth control.

So my only advice is this, listen to your doctor, sleep as much as you can, stock up on movies and DVR’d television shows, don’t plan on feeling super hot for about a week and be really happy you never have to worry about birth control or bleeding again. I know I am.

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