Please Tell Me That Celebrity Moguls Kim Kardashian And Jessica Simpson Don’t Actually Have ‘Baby Registries’

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celebrity baby registriesCelebrity baby registries. I don’t know why I am sort of floored that this is an actual thing but I guess it makes sense that celebrity baby registries exist, because who needs baby essentials more than multi-millionaire celebrity moms who are expecting kids? Let’s all sit down and share a nice steaming cup of outrage over the idea that Kim Kardashin and Jessica Simpson are reported to have baby registries. For people to buy them stuff. For their friends and families to buy for their soon-to-be-born babies stuff. From People magazine:

It was a busy week for celebrity sightings at Bel Bambini‘s West Hollywood location — not only did Kim Kardashian stop in on Wednesday with her new bangs, but an expectant Jessica Simpson visited the high-end baby boutique Friday. And both star moms-to-be shopped with a purpose — they created their baby registries!

Along with sisters Khloé and Kourtney, Kim checked out everything from a Stokke Sleepi crib to designer duds from Baby Dior, Fendi, Chloé and Roberto Cavalli. “[She] mainly [looked] at simple clothing, nothing too girly,” said an onlooker.

A few days later, Simpson, also 32, (and her very visible baby bump!) stopped by to set up her baby boy‘s registry. Clearly a pro (she registered daughter Maxwell at the same location as well), the expectant designer zoned in on essentials, toys and boy fashions from Splendid, Jean Bourget and Little Marc Jacobs.

Need I remind you that Kim is reported to be worth 40 million dollars, and her baby daddy Kanye West is reported to be worth 90 million. Jessica Simpson? 100 million. Her baby daddy Eric Johnson? His net worth is no listed online but let’s estimate that he has about eleventy dollars so it isn’t like him and his baby mama are digging in their sofa cushions to scrounge up enough money for Pampers.

So, to get all super math-y about this , both of these celebrity moms have a gazliion dollars each and they are actually registering for onesises and high chairs. I realize that a new baby is a blessing! And people want to buy gifts for new babies! But like, if you had this sort of change in your bank account wouldn’t you NOT have a baby registry and ask people make donation to a charity for children or something and if they showed up at your super-fancy baby shower with a gift bag from Target it would be because they just did it, not because they knew you were registered at a super-fancy baby store in Beverly Hills? I had one baby shower. We had cupcakes. I got a bassinet and some baby clothes and some diapers.

Celebrity baby registries are such a weird concept for me, especially because so many kids and babies in this country don’t have enough to eat or their parents are out of work and trying to figure out how to buy them shoes. I mean, if these pregnant ladies want to suggest that people purchase them sterling silver pacifiers and baby cardigans knitted from  30% finest mohair and 70% the angel-kissed hair from virginal nuns from Rome so be it, it just seems a little bit greedy considering these two have roughly all the money. In the world!

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