Kellyanne Conway Gives Twitter the Gift It’s Been Waiting for All Year

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In the midst of Donald Trump Jr.’s latest email scandal, White House staff has been making the rounds to debunk and/or distract from the shit that hit the fan. While we certainly enjoyed Sarah Huckabee Sander’s two-step around the elephant in the room, and will be referring to everyone we know as a “high-quality” person from now on, it was Kellyanne Conway’s appearance on “Hannity” that has given us the strength to go on.

Kellyanne went on the show on Wednesday in an effort … actually, we’re not entirely sure what she was trying to do.


Nothing says “high-quality” administration like the use of visual aids! Thanks, Kellyanne Conway!

Obviously, as soon as the clip of Kellyanne holding up her signs got out, Twitter seized this golden opportunity. Never, ever give Twitter meme ammunition, Kellyanne.

The call went out, and hooooooooo boy, did Twitter respond.


And our personal favorite:

Kellyanne Conway tweeted out a response to the meme-factory she created. In it, she apologizes to the “humorless”, but we have to say, the people who meme’d her were pretty damn funny.

We know it’s easy to poke fun at stuff like this. But what else can we do while the dumpster fire rages on? Part of us thinks Kellyanne Conway is jusssssst conniving enough to pull this off on purpose. But you have to wonder what the hell she was thinking, given how highly scrutinized this administration is. Either way, we’re happy to have the memes.

If nothing else, stuff like this gives us one more chance to laugh through our tears.

What do you think about this meme? It’s hilarious, yeah? If you have something fun you’d add to those cards, let us know in the comments and keep these amazing laughs going!

(Image: Twitter/@joetacopino)