George Zimmerman Second Degree Murder Charge Hints At Justice For Trayvon Martin’s Parents

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George Zimmerman cut off ties with his lawyers leading up to his charge in the death of Trayvon Martin. But the shooter is currently in custody, charged with second degree murder as announced this afternoon. Second degree murder is the highest charge without premeditation.

In a press conference this evening, special prosecuter Angela Corey confirmed that despite shutting down all communication with his legal counsel, Zimmerman turned himself into the authorities. She did not comment on suspicions that Zimmerman is suffering from PTSD.

Corey cited Trayvon’s “sweet parents” when addressing the press and stated that “justice for Trayvon has brought us to this moment.”

Contrary to Zimmerman’s original lawyers saying that they would be open to representing their client again, Corey said that he had retained new counsel.

Corey addressed the public’s angry temperment about the case, affirming that this decision did not come “lightly” and that Zimmerman will not be tried “in the court of public opinion.”

After Zimmerman reportedly called Corey following his disappearance, she confirmed that she contacted his lawyers.

To those many parents infuriated by the blatant victim blaming in this high profile case, the formal charges certainly hint at justice.