This Simple Parenting Hack Can Make Interrupting Kids a Thing of the Past

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We’ve all been there: you’re having a conversation with your significant other or a friend or even a stranger, and one or more of your kids comes along and starts talking above everyone to try to get your attention. They usually have something “important” to say, like that they need a snack or help dressing one of their dolls, and it obviously can’t wait one more second to be shared! Interrupting kids might be one of those universal parts of parenting that it loathed by everyone. But one mom has come up with a simple parenting hack that she says has stopped her kids from butting into conversations, and some people are calling it brilliant.

Jessica Martin-Weber, a mother of SIX known online as Beyond Moi, shared a post and photo recently to show her followers the parenting hack she says has stopped her kids from interrupting.

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Image: Facebook/Beyond Moi

The image shows a child’s hand placed on her arm. In the post, Jessica says they’ve finally had a breakthrough, and that this simple gesture has stopped her kids from interrupting her when she’s speaking.

When her kids need to tell her something, they simply place their hand on her arm, and she knows they’re waiting to speak!

The post goes onto to explain that she was at her wits end with being interrupted. When you have 6 kids, we imagine everyone always has something to say! Jessica says, “I know it is developmentally normal. I understand why and how it happens. I even sometimes find myself doing it when I get really excited or think of something suddenly. Impulse control (and remembering my thought for longer than 2 seconds) is something that I can relate with 3 year olds on to an extent.” It still doesn’t make it any less irritating.

Says Jessica, “This greatly tests my patience.”

In the days since they’ve been using this parenting hack, Jessica says her youngest has stopped getting overexcited when she has something to say. She’s started placing her hand on her mom’s arm. When Jessica feels it, she places her own hand over her child’s hand. That way, the child knows her mom is acknowledging her, and waits to speak!

Fans of Jessica’s page love the method, with some saying they’ve been using it successfully with their own kids.

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Image: Facebook/Beyond Moi

Others shared that they are also at their wits end, and will be trying it at home!

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Image: Facebook/Beyond Moi

We all know that parenting is pretty fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants on most days. So when another mom or dad comes up with a fresh parenting hack, it’s worth a try! Frankly, we’d try anything to get our kids to stop saying “MOM” a million times in a row. Thanks for the tips, Jessica!

(Image: Facebook/Beyond Moi)