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No One Cares About Your Baby’s Name More Than You Do, So Stop Keeping It A Secret

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secretDo you know anyone who’s having a baby soon? Are they keeping the name a secret from most of their friends? Isn’t that annoying?

No one cares about a baby’s name more than the people who are having that baby, which is why it’s totally stupid to keep it a secret. Seriously. Future parents are more excited than anyone else about what their baby will be called. So why do so many couples keep it a secret?

This falls into the same category as parents who keep the sex of their child a secret. We’re not telling. Um, okay. I hate to break it to you — but no one’s losing any sleep over this.

There’s always something a little awkward about the exchange that happens when you ask someone if they’ve chosen a name and they tell you they’re keeping it a secret, isn’t there? I love it when they say something like, We’re only telling family and really close friends. 



Okay, so I’m not in the circle of trust. Cool.

Expectant parents are understandably excited about the impending arrival of their child. It makes everything surrounding that arrival seem very, very important. I think this is what drives people to do things like keep the sex and name of their child a secret, even when they know. They assume everyone around them is thinking about this baby as much and is as consumed with this monumental event as they are. It’s an honest mistake.

Deciding not to tell friends and family because you think there’s going to be some wonderful explosion of surprised joy when the baby is born is one thing. Keeping a chosen name a secret out of fear that someone will “steal” it is another. This makes me laugh out loud. I can’t help but chuckle at someone who thinks they actually have some ownership over a name.

Keep your baby name a secret if you want — but don’t be surprised if everyone rolls their eyes when you refuse to share it. Besides your mom, no one cares as much as you do.