Cafe Ordered To Remove Playhouse Because Neighbors Can’t Stand The Sound Of Children Laughing

An Australian cafe is being ordered by its city council to take down a children’s playhouse they have set up in their backyard. The reason? Neighbors can’t stand the noise it’s generating. That would be the laughter and squeals of small children. Next, the neighbors hope to ban smiling and sunshine.

Here’s the Facebook post the cafe put up yesterday:

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.33.09 AM

I lived in downtown Brooklyn for over a decade and I know how annoying the sounds of neighbors can be. I lived over a loud restaurant that occasionally made my life a living hell. But complaining about noise that is generated during the middle of the day is absurd.

As I write this, there is a leaf blower being used at my neighbor’s house. There is also some construction down the street so I can hear the sounds of a table saw. If I paid attention to all of the distractions that happen outside of my suburban home daily, I would drive myself nuts.

The cafe is clearly child-friendly. Banning a playhouse is not going to stop children from existing. I’m sure they will still play on the lawn and (gasp!) squeal and laugh. I seriously cannot stand people who complain about the sounds of playing children. They’re usually the same ones who complain about how lazy kids are today and how parents need to get their kids out more. Then, once they are out, we all want them to wear muzzles while they play. NO. Kids make noise when they are having fun. The cafe is okay with it and it’s their property. Be thankful it’s not a bar or rehearsal space.

People who act like the world somehow owes them silence drive me crazy. You want a silent existence? Move to the mountains, where the sound of birds singing will probably start to get on your nerves.

Enter all the people who will say “I really can’t stand the sound of children squealing! It gives me a headache!” Who cares? We’ve gone overboard into a place where kids can’t do anything without being chided and parents being judged. It’s getting ridiculous.

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