All The Kate Middleton Outfits That Showcase Royal Fashion At New Heights

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We’d look like a holiday choir reject in this outfit, but Kate Middleton makes it look so effortless.

Image: Instagram/@katemiddleton_fashion

This is the kind of outfit that you picture in your mind and think, “OH MY GOD THAT IS GOING TO BE SO CUTE!” And then you put it on and you end up looking like a grown-ass woman doing American Girl cosplay. So whyyyyyyy does Kate Middleton look perfect in it?! Because she’s Kate freaking Middleton, that’s why. Over the Christmas holidays, Kate wore this to-die-for plaid midi skirt with a cropped black cardigan and knee-high black suede boots. It’s the most Christmas outfit ever, and we so wish we could pull this off. That skirt is absolute perfection.

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