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Disgusting Contractor Supply Store Uses Ex-Wife Murder Sign To Sell Wares

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ex wife sale sign Just when I think I’ve seen everything there is to see when it comes to rape culture and the patriarchy, some DudeBros decide to up the ante and impress me. And by impress I mean sicken and disturb. A Fargo contractor supply store thought it would be a brilliant idea to advertise their wares with a sign that jokes about murdering one’s ex-wife. Seriously. And considering how serious the issue of spousal abuse is in America, I am furious.

The sign read “EX WIFE SALE DUCT TAPE CHAINSAW SHOVELS.” Yes, this is verbatim:

ex wife sale sign


According to the Fargo Forum, the sign was posted outside Joe Rents & Contractors Supply and was thankfully taken down late this week. Christopher Johnson, the executive director of the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center of Fargo-Moorhead, says that when he called the store Thursday afternoon to complain, he was told that the sign had already been removed:

“We’re proud to be part of a community that does not tolerate this kind of humor,” Johnson said.”

That may very well be true, but he is unfortunately also from a community where at least one business thinks this is a perfectly reasonable way to advertise contractor equipment. You know, the same type of equipment men regularly use to murder their wives, girlfriends and children with, at what some organizations call epidemic rates in America.

The Fargo Forum went on to say that they contacted the store, and spoke to someone claiming to be a manager who would only identify as “Curtis.” The man, who was later identified as Curtis Renner, told them that they took down the sign due to an influx of phone calls, but that he felt most of them were “positive” and he didn’t think the sign was offensive. Because of course he didn’t.

Johnson had some strong words for anyone who thinks this is “just a joke.”

“But it’s not just a joke. It’s a pretty strong statement,” he said.

“When people make light out of domestic violence or when people try to find humor in domestic violence,” Johnson said, “I think it’s our way as a society to try to overlook the violence and the pain and the injustice.”

I know this isn’t strictly parenting-related, but the problem of spousal abuse (both by husbands and wives) is a major issue that impacts children everywhere. Making light of it only compounds the problem.


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