A Makeup Artist Created a Hurricane Irma Look, for Some Reason, and It Didn’t Go Well

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Hurricane Irma has devastated parts of the Caribbean, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, and the full scope of her damage isn’t even known yet. The back-to-back whammy of Harvey and Irma have folks all over a little on edge when it comes to hurricanes. So obviously, now is the perfect time to use Irma to promote yourself in some way! Makeup artist Kali Harlow debuted a “Hurricane Irma” look and shockingly, it didn’t go over real well.

Time and place, Kali.

“Remember in the eye of the storm, God remains in control”.

Or, remember that a storm that has claimed the lives of 68 people so far isn’t shouldn’t be used for self-promotion. We’re sure Kali’s heart was in the right place, but we have no idea where her head was.

Reaction on social media was mixed, but several people called her out for using the tragedy in this way.


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