Woman Shuts Down Man Who Tried to Stop Her From Using Pumpkin Emoji

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If there’s a group of people you don’t want to mess with, it’s the Pumpkin People. We all know one or two. They’re the ones who wait all year for that horrid drink to resurface at Starbucks (don’t @ me). They bring the fall decor out on August 31st. They start wearing boots and flannels when it’s still 90 degrees outside. These people mean BUSINESS. So when some rando on Twitter tells people to chill with the pumpkin emoji on September 9th?? Well, he brought the wrath onto himself.

The pumpkin emoji has waited all year, Jason. It’s time is now.

Jason’s mentions after that tweet look like a pumpkin exploded little pumpkin emoji babies all over. And people got very creative!

pumpkin emoji

Image: Twitter/@vixterminator

She had that pumpkin emoji locked and loaded.

Dancing Pumpkin Man is always a crowd favorite, and we love when he busts out every fall.

That’s…a lot of pumpkins.

Like I said, people are SERIOUS about their pumpkins. It’s like pumpkin madness has been building for nine months out of the year, and it just cannot be contained any longer! And then there’s this person, who went to insane lengths to defend their pumpkin love and right to use the pumpkin emoji. And IT IS EVERYTHING!



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