Rest Easy Because Jessica Simpson Hasn’t Gained Any Pregnancy Weight In Her Legs

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Jessica Simpson WeightLast week, People magazine was suspiciously complimentary of pregnant Jessica Simpson‘s “fit” and “trim” body. This week, the Daily Mail is following suit by gabbing about how fab the Weight Watchers spokesperson looks — but via a very much needed update on the singer’s legs. That’s right, leave no crook of this woman’s flesh unturned for Baby Weight Inspection.

Daily Mail reports that the soon-to-be mother of two was out and about filming a new commercial. Jessica Simpson reportedly “shunned traditional maternity wear in favour of a sexy leopard print dress,” with all that “showcasing” bump language that publications of this ilk just love so much. But a glowing review of JSimp’s body comes at a body scrutiny price:

Having kept her bump under wraps for much of her pregnancy so far, it was an opportunity to see how much her stomach has grown in recent weeks.

She teamed her wild dress with a simple black cardigan and a pair of black heels, which gave the petite star a bit of extra height.

Her legs meanwhile looked particularly toned and showed no sign of any extra pregnancy weight.

In other equally headlining news, her clavicles are looking a little rounder these days and my — aren’t her elbows looking nice and slim. What will we help ourselves to inspect about her body next? Hey Jessica, your ear lobes are looking really skinny these days! You look great!

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