Kate Middleton Is Pregnant! Her Doll Is, Anyway

What is with the world’s obsession with Kate Middleton‘s uterus? Ever since she became the Duchess of Cambridge, there have been non-stop rumors and that she and Prince William are expecting a baby. It’s sickening, already!

But this public fascination with Kate’s pregnancy or non-pregnancy, as it were has reached a whole new level of pathetic. That’s because Arklu, the UK-based company that created the bestselling dolls of Kate on her engagement and wedding days, has been inundated with requests to make a pregnant version.

“We’ve had a lot of requests for a pregnant Kate doll from the U.S.,” company spokesperson Lucie Follett told the Daily Mail. Go figure. It seems Americans or at least the tabloids, anyway really take the cake when it comes to the whole baby-bump watch.

Note to all of those crazy people who have put in requests for a pregnant Kate doll: pretending this woman is pregnant will not make her pregs in real life. Sheesh. And, while we’re on the subject, I think the whole world should just let this woman be. Yes, she chose to be in the spotlight when she agreed to marry Will, but I still feel badly for her.

The only silver lining here is that proceeds from the Kate dolls go to two of the royal couple’s favorite charities, Royal National Lifeboat Institution and Help For Heroes. So far, the dolls have raised £16,000 (around US$21,000).

(Photo: arklu.com)

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