People Magazine Is Being Uncharacteristically Nice To Jessica Simpson’s Pregnant Body

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Jessica Simpson Weight GainAs much as I rail against the tabloids — as well as other media — for their “mum tum” vocabulary choices and speculation over which Fatty McFat pregnant lady isn’t getting to the gym enough, sudden respect for a celebrity pregnant body is also suspect. Especially when it’s the rags’ favorite lady to concern-troll about weight, Jessica Simpson.

People magazine, the same publication that described Jessica Simpson’s morning sickness as “a good thing” so she doesn’t get too plump, is turning over a new leaf. At least in this one instance. It’s fishy I tell you:

Looks like Jessica Simpsonis keeping true to her word – and her healthy new outlook on pregnancy.

The star, who’s expecting her second child with fiancé Eric Johnson this summer, decked outher baby bump in an all-black ensemble Thursday, looking fit and trim while out in L.A.

As someone who spent the better part of 2011 and 2012 poring over pregnant Jessica Simpson images for the sake of you lovely readers, I can honestly say that she looks the same to me. She may not be wandering around with her new “mom rack” yet or getting caught in windstorms in vibrant-colored maxi dresses. But she’s a pregnant lady wearing black. Just like she was a pregnant lady wearing black before she announced her second pregnancy. Just like she was a pregnant lady wearing black when she was pregnant the first time around and in mere talks with Weight Watchers (when everyone was hardcore snarking on how big she was getting).

If People wants to make amends for daring to suggest that morning sickness is a slimming pregnancy secret, I guess a few “fit” and “trim” adjectives are their way of doing just that. But let’s call optical illusions — whether they’re very slimming black or bright dresses — exactly what they. And while we’re at it, stop hyperventilating over a “fat” pregnant lady just because she’s wearing orange and happens to be five foot two.

(photo: Bruja/Juan Sharma, PacificCoastN)