Woman’s Maternity Pictures Photobombed By Magical Dolphin, Crunchy Moms Everywhere Seethe With Envy

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(Via Instagram/News4jax)

The stars have aligned, the spirits have chosen, and the soul of Lisa Frank will soon be reborn onto this Earth. The universe made its announcement this week with the ceremonial harbinger–a leaping dolphin–which was spotted behind 31-year-old human resources manager Angeline Mozer during her maternity photoshoot.

According to Yahoo Parenting, Mozer went to Atlantic Beach on Saturday to take some stylish maternity photos in a pretty cool chevron-patterned maxi dress. The baby was due January 27, and while the Mozers were waiting for him, they went to take some maternity shots by the water for their families. There were dolphins in the water and Dan Mozer tried to catch some of their dorsal fins in the photo, and then suddenly–pop–out of the sea burst a magical dolphin.

“Someone started yelling to us that there were dolphins, and we could see their dorsal fins,” Dan Mozer said. “Then, out of nowhere, this thing just jumps out of the water.”

Mozer was quick on the trigger and wound up with a dolphin-bombed maternity photo that is perfect and magical, and you just know that somewhere out there a crunchy mother who was hoping for a dolphin-assisted water birth is seething with envy that this magical doula of the deep decided to bless Mozer’s baby with its presence.

“And, no,” he adds, “we’re not changing his name, as some have suggested, to Dolph Finn.”

Well, now I’m disappointed. The baby’s name will reportedly be Courtland Thomas. Oh well.

Little Mozer is already overdue, but will surely bless the world with his presence shortly. A big-eyed cat will assist the delivery, and a unicorn will send out the baby announcements.