How To Have Lady Magazines Around The House When You Have A Daughter

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Cosmopolitan cover Dakota Fanning

If you like your monthly subscriptions to your trashy women’s magazines, no judgements here. While I tend to not enjoy media that talks to me like I’m a sex-crazed dimwit with no interests beyond hiding my hypothetical pear-shape, many women jump into these pages for a little time off from the strifes of daily life — namely mothers. And while you may be able to turn your brain off while reading a piece on “367 Ways To Tell Men That You’re Not Wearing Any Underwear,” your little girl in the corner there is still pretty vulnerable to a lot what’s in those magazines.

Considering that the majority of these magazines just blab on and on about maintaining weight, looking pretty, buying a lot of stuff, and snagging a man, all that dialogue might not be the best combination to instill confidence and self assurance in your daughter. So while you may love to hit that untouched stacks of Lucky or Vogue or Cosmopolitan on the weekends, here are some tips to navigating your addiction with parenthood.