10 Sanctimonious Uses Of The Phrase ‘Know Better Do Better’

sanctimommy saysThere is a beautiful quote floating around the Internet from Maya Angelou that says something along the lines of “Do the best you can, until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” These are truly wise words, but unfortunately some folks with a particularly virulent strain of Sanctimommy-itis have taken it and made it their mantra. Or rather just the last, most share-able part; know better do better. Or simply the hashtag #KnowBetterDoBetter.

It’s gotten to the point where I can’t even hear or see these words without getting a little stabby. Yes, of course, there are probably non-sanctimonious people out there using it, but I have yet to find anyone. Below are some of the most rage-inducing examples.

 10. Babies having babies…
kbdb 1
Oh those damn babies having babies! If they only knew better…
9. Hell no, GMO!
kbdb 2
This lady’s baby loved apples, and she doesn’t care WHO knows! Screw you, you GMO-peddling bastards!
8. Mommy doesn’t know best…
kbdb 3
Poor Adrienne, someone get this mama a multi-seed cracker and some hummus, STAT.
7. Umm…
kbdb 4
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will send your ass to JAIL.
6. Hide your scandalous belly buttons, preggos!
kbdb 5
Silly preggos, real clothes are for skinny women! No one wants to see your slutty belly outline. Then we’ll all know you had S.E.X. Now someone get me my smelling salts, I’m about to have the vapors!
5. Know better, Spank harder
kbdb 6
Oh yes! Who cares if all the scientific data suggests the complete opposite! Who needs to actually teach kids respect when you can beat it into them?
4. Put away your yoga pants, ladies
kbdb 7
It doesn’t matter that what you choose to wear has absolutely no effect on her; Amanda says you need to wear REAL pants, and by George, you are gonna listen! This is EXACTLY what Dr. Angelou had in mind with “know better, do better.”
3. Obligatory circ post
kbdb 8
Don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming.
2. Safety is not a choice, y’all
kbdb 9
Real talk, I don’t even disagree with her, I just think she sounds like a sanctimonious douche.
1. The future is “know better, do better”
kbdb 10
She totes knows exactly how parenting is gonna go. This always ends well.
the only okay kbdb
This is the only way to use this phrase and not sounds like a total ass. #Fact
(Photo: Kevin Lepp/Shutterstock/Facebook/Twitter)

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