My Quality Of Life Has Improved 1000% Since I Quit Breastfeeding

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shutterstock_150416126If you know anything about me, then you know that I wasn’t a huge fan of breastfeeding. I leaned more on exclusive pumping with my second kid because I was really sick of the whole breastfeeding scene. Even with exclusive pumping, my body still wasn’t my own, but at least I didn’t have to whip out my nips every hour on the hour.

This is my own personal opinion, and I know that many women really enjoy breastfeeding. I was also dead set on doing it for a minimum of six months because it was good for my kid, and I selfishly wanted the mystical weight loss benefits—which really didn’t pan out for me. But that’s another blog post altogether.

I quit breastfeeding about two months ago because the pumping was driving me crazy. I felt ever so guilty about it, but my mom told me just to stop and stop feeling guilty. What a novel idea. Thanks, Mom!

I read somewhere that it takes about a year postpartum for all of your hormones to get back to normal. I wasn’t the most fun pregnant person, and I always forgot that hormones were still getting the best of me while breastfeeding. I would wonder why I was so tired or sweaty or irrational or emotional months after having a baby, and then it would hit me—You’re still breastfeeding, dummy. Your body is not your own.

Fast-forward a few months after breastfeeding ended, and I feel like a whole different person. I didn’t really connect the dots at first, but I did notice that my mood is more stable and even great on many days. I know I’ve been making a number of personal changes, and I absolutely love my job, but I feel less… irrational/lethargic/weepy/frustrated/serial-killer-esque.

I can confidently say that my life is 1000% better since I stopped breastfeeding. This isn’t an anti-breastfeeding campaign by any means because it is good for the mother and the baby. I know that. This is just a word of encouragement to say—If you still feel totally insane and out of control months into breastfeeding, there is hope. If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably feel like your old self again once you stop.

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