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8 Reasons Jana Duggar Should Run Straight Into Tim Tebow’s Hunky Arms

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5. She could get Tebow’d in bed.



6. It’s her way out of the Duggar compound.


That’s right, Jana. Deep breath, tuck and roll. No more babysitting. No more kitchen and laundry duty. Her life could finally be her own.

7. She could get massages and buy herself tons of fun stuff.


Buy used and save the difference? Not when your husband is a multi-millionaire public speaker with lucrative endorsements. No one deserves to be pampered more than this girl. And let’s face it- Jana would look super cute with an ornamental Chihuahua and weekly highlights.

8. She could save her sisters too.

by the pool

Tim must have lots of hot football guy friends. I’m sure Jinger and eventually (currently underage), Joy Anna, would be on board. They could live an amazing, baller life together with their husbands and never have to darn their father’s socks again. I am rooting for a mass Duggar daughter escape that will leave Jim Bob and Michelle totally devoid of free household help. Make it happen, Jana. One wavy-haired daughter at a time.

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