Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Try To Upstage Jessa’s Sexy Instagram Shot, Make Us Cringe Instead

It would seem that there is no limit to what the Duggars will do for attention in the media. Well, there are some limits- no scoop neck shirts, no pants for ladies, no pasties, no full-frontal hugs before marriage unless you want to burn in hell. Anyway, I digress. We all saw the super hot Instagram snap that Jessa Duggar posted a few days after her wedding to lovable derp Ben Seewald. The consensus among Duggarphiles such as myself was that posting this steamy picture was a giant middle finger to her parents and her deeply conservative Christian upbringing. She clearly wants the world to know that things are HOT with her new husband and that they are having All The Sex- possibly, before even leaving the church on their wedding day. There was also speculation that Jim Bob and Michelle were probably very upset about it and feeling embarrassed by their daughter’s social media hanky-panky. Well, as it turns out, they decided to use it as yet another opportunity to make it all about them. As they are wont to do. Behold- the cringiest thing you will see today:



I’ll give you a minute to clean up the vomit from your breakfast. All good? Ok, moving on.

There is so much to say about this photo. First of all, their daughter just got married and had a sweet moment of attention on social media with a cute picture of her kissing her new husband. How about leaving it be and letting her bask in the glow for once? They have had 19 kids, after all- I would think they have probably had enough public attention to last a lifetime. Something I have noticed in my obsessive Duggar following is Jim Bob and Michelle’s tendency to turn EVERYTHING into something about them. A good portion of Jill and Derick’s (adorable) wedding episode was devoted to them talking about their own wedding 30 years prior and the comparisons Jim Bob was making to how Jill looked compared to Michelle on her wedding day. Why can’t these narcissists just let it go for once and resist the urge to thrust themselves on to center stage? It is honestly nauseating and so totally immature.

Also, we need to talk for a moment about how totally gross this picture is. No one needs to see this. Respect your 30-year marriage and the stomachs of your teenage children who probably did not feel like throwing up today. I’m sorry, but as healthy as it is for your kids to see their parents being affectionate, NO teen wants to see their parents making out. Let alone making out on social media for all of the world to see. Jim Bob and Michelle need to accept that their time to “shine” is coming to a close- exciting things are happening to their adult children and they need to take a step back. It won’t happen but a Duggar fan can dream.

(Image: Brendan Hoffamn/Getty Images)

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