Darren Wilson Sure Is Having A Swell Week Since He Got Away With Murder

darren-wilsonDarren Wilson sure is having a hell of a few weeks. First, he got married. Then he got away with murder. Then he announced he and his wife are expecting a baby. Oh, he’s also made a cool $500,000 from supporters who set up a GoFundMe page for him during his time of need. You know, that stressful time he had after he killed MIchael Brown and was on paid administrative leave? That paid leave he’s still on?

In an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos yesterday, Wilson not only shared the news that he got married at the end of October — with the grand jury decision looming — but that he and new his wife are expecting a baby. Fantastic.

Wilson, police officer responsible for the shooting death of an unarmed teen, and sworn protector of his community who is paid by taxpayer’s dollars, also told Stephanopoulos his “conscience is clear” regarding the death of Michael Brown. He says taking a life is the “bad part of the job,” but that he essentially would do nothing differently if he had it to do over.

Really? A young, unarmed man is dead and you would do nothing differently? Wow.

Wilson retold his side of the story, saying he knows he “did his job right.” He wouldn’t change a thing. Because he did his job right. That’s what he was trained to do. When asked why he never thought to get back into his car, he said it was because that’s not what he was trained to do. He was trained to pursue. Even though he was apparently terrified for his life, as presented in this Vox story about his side of events.

Every part of Wilson’s story just reads as something someone made up to convince an audience too willing to believe that he had just cause; the mention of the cigarillos, the repeated mention of fearing for his life and feeling dwarfed by a man who was his same height, the reaching for the waistband — this story is utter bullshit. And it would have been able to be examined further had Wilson been charged. There are definitely enough questions here for Wilson to have been charged.

But he wasn’t. So instead of having to answer to actions that cost a man his life, he gets to continue his paid administrative leave and probably have a honeymoon paid for by his “supporters.”

Everything is terrible.

(photo: Twitter)


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