Instead Of Making Fun Of OctoMom, Let’s Talk About The People Exploiting Her

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Nadya Suleman is a grown woman who made some questionable choices. And she’s endured an intense amount of vitriol for those choices. The infamous mom of 14 has been torn apart by every blog, magazine and media outlet on the planet. Including this one. I’m not sure if she’s really earned the level of hatred she seems to inspire, but that’s a conversation for another day.

Instead, can we take a minute to talk about the companies that are exploiting her for profit? Because I think they deserve at least a little thought.

One such reputable business is a Florida strip club that hired Suleman to perform there for four nights. They immediately started advertising their famous new addition to the line-up. Then, someone from T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach went on television and called OctoMom crazy. Apparently, that’s not how Nadya was planning on being billed. Her lawyers say that she won’t be performing anywhere where club employees have “defamed” her. The club owners say they’ll sue Suleman if she backs out of the performances.

First of all, there’s just one word that goes this story. That word is “sad,” in case you hadn’t already mumbled it while shaking your head. The world’s interest in this woman seems to be the most open and accepted case of schadenfreude ever. We just love seeing a woman who dared to have a lot of babies on her own struggle and fail. (Yes, yes, I know. YOUR taxes are paying welfare for her so YOU have a right to be hateful and cruel about her if you want to. Considering the collective tax burden, about 1/1000th of a cent of your money actually goes to Nadya Suleman. So let’s calm down.)

The club owner if banking on everyone’s disapproval of this woman to gain attention. They’re loving that a legal battle will gain them even more attention. It’s probably even better than actually having her perform. There’s probably a small number of people who are actually attracted to her and really want to see her naked. There are a whole lot more people who want to talk about how horrible she is.

Wicked Entertainment is employing the same business model. How many people actually want to see Suleman masturbate? I doubt the number is super high. How many people want to make fun of her or condemn her for doing so? Much bigger audience. You notice Suleman didn’t copywrite the term “OctoMILF” herself. Wicked did, and they’re thrilled that people are offended by it. Because they aren’t actually concerned with a mother of 14, they’re thinking about the press she attracts.

Nadya Suleman made some irresponsible decisions. She could be a horrible person, I wouldn’t know because I’ve never met her. But she’s not the only problem. If we’re going to continually condemn her, maybe Wicked and T’s Lounge and every other person who makes money off her leper-like status deserves to share in the collective public outrage.

UPDATE: We would like to clarify that Wicked did not film or produce Nadya Sulemon’s solo sex tape. They are distributing and marketing the film however.

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