President Obama Agrees, Dads Deserve More Than A Stinking Tie For Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day! It’s time for all of us to say thank you to the wonderful men in our lives. It’s a day to remember that dads are more than the wallets of our childhood. They’re more than awkward jokes and sports enthusiasts. They are more than bumbling idiots who leave the childrearing to the moms of the world. Considering the pervasiveness of these dad stereotypes, it’s actually a pretty big task to move past them and appreciate all the wonderful things dads do.

But don’t worry, we have a powerful ally in the fight to lift up Father’s Day. President Obama was recently overheard making the case for more than just a tie on Father’s Day. The Weekly Standard via the pool report:

Actual time inside the restaurant was brief. Overheard the president talking to [J]anet Jones, whose father was a [T]uskeegee airman, about the movie “[R]ed Tails” about the [T]uskeegee Airmen. Then he asked [J]im Heath if his family was going to spoil him. He told the president that when he was getting on the plane his wife told him she forgot to send him a fathers day card.

The president responded, “There was one year that I got a tie or something and I said why is it that everybody makes a big deal about Mother’s day and fathers day seems to be the forgotten holiday? And [M]ichelle looks at me and she says, let me tell you what, every day is father’s day. You’re always getting a treat.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Mrs. Obama, and I realize that every family different, but I think Father’s Day deserves a little more credit. I have to say, I side with POTUS on this one. Father’s Day is a day of ugly ties and Lowe’s gift cards. It’s a day of forgotten phone calls and vague pleasantries.

Mothers would never put up with that nonsense. I’ll be the first to admit, I appreciate getting recognition on Mother’s Day. I love all the breakfast in bed and letting me relax while everyone else handles the household chores. It makes me smile every time my daughter says something grumpy and my husband tells her, “You have to be nice to Mama, this is her day…” It is. Mother’s Day is my day.

Fathers really deserve to get the same treatment. Not just a card. Not just a tie. Father’s Day is their day. It’s not about the treats, it’s about saying thank you for all the things that dads do. My father taught me to be strong and thoughtful. He encouraged me when I was feeling insecure. And even now, he’s the voice of reason when I get angry and illogical. Even now, my dad helps me work through my problems. He’s my role model in so many ways. And my husband? I don’t have enough space here to talk about how amazing he is. Suffice it to say, he’s not the least bit incompetent when it comes to raising a child. He’s kind and helpful. He teaches instead of demanding. He can make anyone in our house smile at absolutely any time.

What I’m saying is that Obama is right. These guys deserve more than a tie and a card. They deserve more than anything you can wrap with a bow. They deserve our love and appreciation.

(Photo: The Guardian)

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