The Last Thing Holiday Baby Onesies Need Are Sexy Innuendos, Target


These creepy holiday onesies landed in our mailbox thanks to a tip from reader Allison (hey girl!). We’re all familiar with sexualized weirdness of baby clothes (remember these sexist superhero pajamas from Target?), yet it still never ceases to boggle my mind. Why do stores like Target, and clothing companies like Carter’s, put such inappropriate crap on kids’ clothes? Even the ‘Handsome Like Daddy’ shirts make me squeamish, but I know many people don’t find them offensive. Fine. But still – there’s something about turning infants – in this case boys – into “hunks” and “gifts to the ladies” that is so straight-up YUCK.


Yeah, yeah, I know people say stuff like this is harmless. It’s just a shirt, it’s cute, come on!!! But it’s the endless perpetuation of gender stereotypes – and the need to start it when they are still tiny blobs who can’t even hold their own body weight upright – that bothers me. What about a six month old is hunky?! Chunky, I get. Change the onesie to ‘Holiday Chunk’ and I am all in.

As for the Gift to the Ladies shirt and pants – allow me to declare this now: Let us ban the practice of putting things on the ass part of baby pants. (At least, I think this Santa face is on the BACK of these pants. If it’s on the front peen section then, well, forget about it. I am done living in this world and shall head into the woods with a tent and live there forever.) My daughters were gifted so many pants with ass ruffles that their butts looked like tiny sailboats. Do baby asses really need to be adorned with things? If you want to put a Santa face on something, go decorate a Christmas three.

Our kids are going to have their whole lives to deal with being sexualized, gender stereotyping, and institutionalized sexism. Wouldn’t it be nice to give them a little break from it when they’re babies?

(Photos: Target)




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