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Listen, We Wouldn’t Be Objectifying Kordale And Kaleb If There Weren’t So Damn Good Looking

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I’d like to note that I’m not meaning to objectify any terribly attractive parents, but some days you wake up and look in the mirror and notice in the mirror that your sweatshirt has some sort of creepy stain on it and you should really do something with your hair. And then we have Kordale and Kaleb, who recently caused an uproar for posting a photograph of themselves on their Instagram account getting two of their three kids really for school.

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Some news outlets say the reason this has been sensationalized is because these guys are gay parents. Others say it has been sensationalized because they are black.

But for some of us, the reason why this is so attention-worthy is because those are two incredibly attractive men doing something that pretty much makes any woman swoon, taking care of their kids.

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Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 6.28.36 AM COME ON. It’s all freaking adorable, and do you know why it’s freaking adorable, because it is freaking adorable. It’s that simple. For many people this has nothing to do with the fact these guys are gay or black, it has to do with the fact that they are some amazingly attractive parents showing themselves caring for their adorable kids and because we live in this voyeuristic world of social media and people posting their personal lives all over the Internet we all LIKE seeing adorable things.

And these guys are extremely attractive.

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I read a lot of mom blogs, and spend way too much time on Pinterest, and these guys elicit them same sort of feeling I have when I see a beautiful family being all beautiful and doing beautiful things and it’s a combination of aesthetical envy and being utterly charmed. I can’t be the only mom who sees pictures of amazingly attractive people caring for their kids (who also happen to be attractive) and finds myself liking it.

This would probably be less aww-worthy if it were a typical hetero couple, because I do think that is a lot more common to see, and to be honest, from a totally aesthetic viewpoint, one of the reasons it is so aww-worthy is because these guys look like models.

I think a lot of women can agree that a photograph of an attractive man is attractive, but when you add an attractive man with a picture of a baby, or caring for his child, it becomes a whole lot more attractive. I’m not sure men have the same sort of aww feeling when they see an attractive woman holding a baby or doing her kid’s hair – but I can’t speak for men here. I just know that for me the reason why I find this whole Kordale and Kaleb instagram account so charming and swoon worthy is because I like seeing good looking dudes with their kids.

I’m madly in love with my husband and I think he’s a stone cold fox, but do you know what? The pictures that I treasure the most are the ones of him napping with my daughter of hanging out with my sons. Of course I think he’s attractive when he’s not doing these things, but there is a whole other level of swoon when he is.

So for all of those people who objectified these two guys because they are black and gay and they found it surprising that duh, there are many gay men and black men who are fantastic parents and that isn’t exactly newsworthy, there were those of us who just felt HOT DUDES TAKING CARE OF THEIR KIDS.

Some of us women find that very attractive.

(Images: Kordalenkaleb on Instagram)