You Are Taking Crazy Pills If You Miss Being Pregnant

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shutterstock_119572459I did not like being pregnant at all. The kicker was, I had a great pregnancy experience without any health issues to speak of. I’m not here to brag—I’m just stating facts that prove that even though my pregnancies were “uneventful,” I still wasn’t having a good time. I was more than happy to see that nine month stretch of uncertainty go, and I do not miss it one bit.

Of course, since I didn’t want to annoy all of the other pregnant or previously-pregnant women in my life with my #firstworldproblems, I mostly kept these thoughts to myself. I secretly counted down each week until my due date with my husband, waiting in anticipation for the day when my body would be my own again. While I did deeply love and dream about my sons in utero, I just wanted to see them in real life. I just wanted to get to the finish line.

Now, I do appreciate the fact that pregnancy is beautiful and miraculous. It’s pretty cool to create life and push it out of your body. But I did not enjoy the process. I guess I’m a control freak, but I didn’t love painstakingly monitoring my body and worrying about everything I put on or in it. I like being selfish and having my body to myself for the most part, thank you very much.

Again, I was in good health while I was pregnant, but I seem to have missed out on many of the pregnancy perks. Glowing skin? Not so much. Crazy, sexy hormones? A few times, but nothing to write home about. A sense of peace and wonderment as I contributed to life on earth? That didn’t really kick in until I popped my son out.

Based on my personal experience, I have to admit that I am skeptical when other women talk about how they miss being pregnant:

Six weeks from the other side. I absolutely love my little one, and I don’t quite want another yet, but oddly I miss being pregnant.

I miss feeling my baby move and kick around in my belly and having him mostly to myself. I miss knowing he is safe in there.

I miss how beautiful my bump and ‘motherly glow’ made me feel. I miss not worrying about my weight or how tight my pants were. I miss being able to eat large portions without judgmental looks.

I miss the extra care and attention people paid to me. My so always offering to give me massages and make me tea.

I miss knowing that I was miraculously growing a person inside me and appreciating the wonderful gift that is new life.

I miss being able to sleep whenever and go wherever I want.

So, clearly, this woman had a very different perspective from me during her pregnancy. I guess I can understand all of these benefits that she described, but they certainly weren’t beneficial enough for me to miss feeling outrageously exhausted with a dull, throbbing lower back pain for nine months. (There I go complaining again.) I also felt uncomfortable when people lavished attention on me. I didn’t really want to talk about what was going on with my body since it felt so unknown and out-of-control. I just wanted to get it over with and start getting to know my baby already.

You are allowed to feel however you want about your pregnancy, and I’m allowed not to believe you. I know that my distaste for pregnancy isn’t universal, but I can’t wrap my mind around missing being pregnant. The best moment comes in that sweet relief when you finally pop out your baby and meet him for the first time.

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