The Rudest Things People Have Said To Our Pregnant Readers

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rude comments to pregnant womenOn Monday, when I asked for the rudest things anyone has ever said to you while your kids were gestating, I knew you would not disappoint. After all, in this ever changing world of ours, you can always rely on people to be big ol’ dicks to pregnant ladies, because people are the worst.

Except us. We’re awesome.

I do wonder if I will earn the right to be not nice to pregnant ladies myself when I am an old lady, because it does seem to be a past time populated most often by old ladies. If so, then I will have plenty of great material to draw from because wow, people were total assholes to you guys.

“Being pregnant” is not an excuse for being hideously, offensively, eye-shatteringly FAT.

beep beep beep


Or fugly, ew.

hey ugly


Some people will think you’re beautiful, though.


But mostly people will just be really concerned that you might be a big ol’ whore, who’s had so many dicks inside of you that you can’t possibly suss out your child’s father.

not married

worst advice 2

Of course if you have whore nails it’s not like you didn’t bring it upon yourself.

whore nails

Why you would want to keep all of your multiples really baffles the shit out of some people.

keep them all

Why would you want to keep a (disgusted face) BOY?

worst advice 1Moral of the story? People are godawful. On the plus side, I love some of your comebacks so much I want to compile them into a manifesto and hand them out at the gynecologist’s office to pregnant women. Let’s see if they actually enforce that “lifetime ban” that nurse was so worked up about.

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