Beautiful Photos That Celebrate The Power Of Postpartum Bodies

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To be honest, we sort of hate the term “post-baby body.” It puts so much emphasis on this one physical aspect of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum recovery. In actuality, the mental and emotional recovery is so much more important! But we get it – people focus on what they can see. And what they see is the physical transformation. The growing belly, the postpartum fluctuations, the stretchmarks and belly pooch. We see them, and here at Mommyish, we happen to find them absolutely beautiful. So much so that we wanted to celebrate these amazing post-baby bodies as they should be celebrated every single day.

Having a baby is a remarkable thing. Growing a life inside of you, bringing it out into the world. Nourishing that life in the early days and weeks. Giving so much of yourself to this new little being. We’re sort of conditioned to believe that our recovery should happen overnight. That we should leave the hospital looking like we did before we got pregnant. But for the vast majority of us, that isn’t going to happen. For many of us, our post-baby bodies will likely never look like they did pre-baby! And that is OK. No, scratch that. That is FANTASTIC. Because these bodies did an insanely cool thing. And we should honor them and love them as much as we do the little people they created.

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