The Best ‘Stranger Things’ Gifts On Etsy For All The Honorary Hawkins Residents In Your Life

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OK, have you finished season three of Stranger Things? ARE YOU OK?? Because we are … not. Not even a little bit. No spoilers, in case you’re one of the six people who haven’t watched it yet. But let’s just say – the third season did a real number on our emotions. But, sadness aside, it was fantastic. And it totally renewed our complete obsession with that show. It’s just perfect! It’s suspenseful, exciting, dramatic, and really funny. Not to mention, incredibly acted, especially by the young actors who save the asses of everyone in Hawkins time and time again. We can’t wait for season four, but we’ll pass the time rewatching the first three seasons a few more times.

While we wait for the new season (ugh, why does Netflix take so long between seasons?!), we’ll need some Stranger Things merch to ease the pain. And, as with a lot of pop culture stuff, there’s no better place for that than Etsy! Whether you’re a fan of the show and want to add to your own collection, or you have an honorary Hawkins citizen in your life who needs some good stuff, Etsy has you covered. Here are some of the best Stranger Things gifts on Etsy right now! Hopefully they’ll help with our Steve Harrington withdrawals.

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