Lady Blogger Tells Us How To Raise Kids Using Hilariously Awesome Sexist Stereotypes

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Fotor010187571 I love my job because people often send me funny or infuriating or just downright bizarre things and then I get to write about them for you. This one comes courtesy of my lovely co-worker Jenni Maier over at our fabulous sister site Crushable who sent me it and said something like “Would you like some sexist crazy?” so of course, I happily clicked on the link. I’m not going to get into all of the religious things on this list, because people can have their faith and their beliefs and I’m all about that. I think it’s icky to slag on someone’s religion unless they are using it as an excuse to beat up the gay people or something, but I will slag on the rest of it, oh yes I will, because it’s totally weird and super sexist and unintentionally hilarious, and I know this is all sort of low hanging fruit but won’t you join me?

I love lists about how to raise kids correctly, because I think we could all use a lesson in How Not To Raise An Asshole, but when they get all weird and gender-y I find them sort of bizarre. I appreciate what the author of the lists, Lisa, is doing, or attempting to do, but it’s all just so sexist and old-fashioned.

From the blog, I present to you 24 Ways to Prepare Your Young Man to Become a Gentleman and its counter-list , 24 Ways to Prepare Your Young Girl to Become a Lovely Woman, but not in their entirety, just the good stuff.

From The List For Girls: Live Purely  

From The List For Boys: Control Your Temper 

From The List For Girls: Study Many Different Things 

Decide you’re going to be a life-long student. Learn about gardening, ancient history, bread-baking, new languages, natural medicine, geography, or anything else that fascinates you.

Bread baking! Gardening!

From the List For Boys: Be Bold 

From The List For Girls: Dress With Modesty 

 From The List For Boys: Look Sharp

 From The List For Girls: Prepare Delicious Foods 

From The List For Boys: Be Known As A Hard Worker 

From The List For Girls: Watch What You Say 

From The List For Boys: Look After The Ladies 

From The List For Girls: Speak Sweetly

From The List For The Boys: Don’t Hang Out With The Ungodly

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