Madonna Cuts Daughter Lourdes Out Of Movie

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madonna lourdes W.E.Madonna‘s directorial debut film, W.E. – about American divorcée Wallis Simpson and British monarch King Edward VIII – opens in theaters this Friday. It’s big deal for the pop star/celeb mom, and it helps explain why she’s been everywhere lately (like in random Macy’s ads, and on the phone with Demi Moore).

In her role as director, Madge was looking for someone to play Wally as a young girl; the part ultimately went to her own daughter, 15-year-old Lourdes. Cute, no? Mother-daughter bonding to the extreme. Only not. Because, at the final hour, Madonna decided to cut out her daughter’s cameo.

“I just kind of dragged her in at the last minute…,” she told MTV News. “But she was really great and then I ended up cutting her out of the film. Ruthless, I know. I said, ‘Sorry babe, you’re on the cutting room floor.’ She took it like a champ.”

Oh, celebrities. They’re just like us. If we happened to be highly influential, multimillion-dollar, pop-culture icons, that is.