This Weird Pregnancy Craving Should Definitely Not Be Indulged

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shutterstock_140975500I’m big on allowing oneself to feed cravings, especially during pregnancy. Pregnant ladies’ bodies are going through so much and denied so much, that when you find yourself really, really wanting some apple pie or lasagna, I think you should have it. But if you find yourself desperately craving some weird, non-food item like hand soap, please consult a doctor instead of tossing back a bottle of Dove.

According to The Daily Mail, 26-year-old Jess Gayford is eight months pregnant and has had a serious craving for soap throughout her whole pregnancy. This is her second pregnancy, and she says that with the first she only craved normal things like baked beans and cheese. But with this one, she suddenly found herself with an uncontrollable urge to take a bite of a bar of Dove hand soap. So she did, and she’s been doing it ever since. She says she eats two bottles of hand soap a week!

“I wanted to lick a bar of Dove soap,” she said. “I went to buy a bar and started licking it. It sounds disgusting but it’s really nice.”

Pregnancy does some weird things to a person’s body, and this is one of them. “Pica” is the condition where people feel intense cravings for things that aren’t food, like soap, rocks, hair, and even nails. Sometimes it can be relatively harmless, but it depends on the craving. Obviously, pregnant ladies should not be eating handfuls of nails.

Pica often occurs during pregnancy and can be a result of hormone changes or nutrient deficiencies. Gayford says she has been informed that her two-bottle-a-week Palmolive habit will not harm her fetus, so she’s just gone ahead and enjoyed her bars of Irish Spring. But anyone who finds themselves craving handfuls of asphalt or cotton batting should first visit a doctor, because that shit is just weird.

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