Mother, Girl Scouts Leader Allegedly Stole Cookie Money And Not For Chick Flick Reason

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girl scoutsIt probably doesn’t get much lower than stealing money from Girl Scouts. But oh wait, it does. Mother and Girl Scouts troop leader Ana Juarez was  arrested and charged with felony grand theft. Her crime? Stealing $6,000 from her own troop — and it looks like it wasn’t for a cutesy reason befitting a romantic comedy like an entry fee for a kid’s talent show or to provide pillows for animal shelters.

CBS news reports that Ana used the troop’s debit card for a personal shopping spree, including some other expenses like gas. Among the $2,000 missing from the debit count, Ana is also being charged with stealing $4,000 in cash. Huffington Post reports:

“It was just shocking to see that we became her own personal piggy bank: gas, nails, Nordstroms, Victoria’s Secret,” troop co-leader Verna de los Reyes told the station.

Ana reportedly has a 6-year-old daughter who was in the troop from which her mother allegedly stole from prior to her arrest.

Even if the charges are false, the crime still means disappointment for the Southern California troop as those 10 hardworking young ladies are estimated to have sold 500 boxes each. The kids were looking forward to an American Girl doll and a limousine ride for their own shopping spree. And regardless of if Ana is innocent, those girls no longer have such a reward awaiting them.