Hunger Games: Celebs And Their Crazy Pregnancy Cravings

adriana lima babyThere’s something about pregnancy cravings that crack me up. I think it’s because women turn into total stoners (minus the weed, of course). It’s all about finding that perfect combination of salty and sweet, then devouring it like you’ve been starving for the past 30 days. Or, for some pregos, they suddenly start craving random foods they’ve never been interested in before. Like Adriana Lima, for instance, who’s six months into her second pregnancy. “I’ve been craving beer,” the Victoria’s Secret model told PEOPLE magazine. “It’s very strange because I normally don’t like beer.” Oh, and she’s into crispy duck, too: “All of a sudden I cannot get enough of it. It’s amazing!” (Ha ha.)

Lima’s kooky cravings remind me of Beyonce‘s, who back in the fall, when she was pregnant with Blue Ivy, was suddenly into ketchup-dipped bananas not to mention croissants with melted Dime bars inside (for breakfast). Really, you can’t make this stuff up. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the most bizarre pregnancy cravings we could find from Hollywood’s newest moms and moms-to-be. Take a look!


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