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Here’s Everything Coming to Netflix in May

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April is quickly coming to a close and for us TV show bingers, our sights are set on May. As always, Netflix has released their list of everything that’s coming to the streaming app next month. Personally, I’m still getting through 13 Reasons Why (who here is hooked? The music is especially good). That said, there are some shows and movies I’m definitely psyched about seeing in May. The biggest one I’m excited for is season 2 of the Netflix original, Master of None starring Aziz Ansari. Relatively new CW show Riverdale is also on the docket for Netflix, which I’m looking forward to finally finishing. And there’s definitely a buzz about the new House of Cards season finally hitting our TVs.

There are some fairly interesting documentaries coming as well, including I Am Jane Doe (about moms combating sex trafficking), They Call Us Monsters (regarding juvenile offenders being tried as adults), and A New High (about homeless people and drug addicts using mountain climbing as a means of recovery). Netflix is also getting some feel-good movies in like Forest Gump and Inglorious Basterds.

Scroll down to see the full list of shows and movies hitting your Netflix this May:

Giphy / Tumblr

Giphy / Tumblr

Available 5/1/2017

“American Experience: The Big Burn” (2014)
“American Experience: The Boys of ’36” (2017)
“Anvil! The Story of Anvil” (2008)
“Blood on the Mountain” (2016)
“Chaahat” (1996)
“Chocolat” (2000)
“Decanted” (2016)
“Don’t Think Twice” (2016)
“Drifter” (2017)
“Forrest Gump” (1994)

Giphy / reddit

Giphy / reddit

“Happy Feet” (2006)
“In the Shadow of Iris”
“Love” (2015)
“Losing Sight of Shore” (2017)
“Malibu’s Most Wanted” (2003)
“Nerdland” (2016)
“Raja Hindustani” (1996)
“Richard Pryor: Icon” (2014)
“Under Arrest” Season 5 (2016)

Available 5/2/2017

“Bodyguards: Secret Lives from the Watchtower” (2016)
“Hija De La Laguna” (2015)
“Maria Bamford: Old Baby”
“Two Lovers and a Bear” (2016)

Available 5/5/2017

“Chelsea: Season 2” (streaming every Friday)
“Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie”
“Kazoops!” Season 3
“Sense8” Season 2

Giphy / Tumblr

Giphy / Tumblr

“Simplemente Manu NNa”
“Spirit: Riding Free” Season 1
“The Last Kingdom” Season 2
“The Mars Generation”

Available 5/6/2017

“Cold War 2” (2016)
“When the Bough Breaks” (2017)

Available 5/7/2017

“LoveTrue” (2016)
“Stake Land II” (2016)
“The Host” (2013)

Giphy / Wifflegif

Giphy / Wifflegif

Available 5/8/2017

“Beyond the Gates” (2016)
“Hunter Gatherer” (2016)

Available 5/9/2017 

“Norm Macdonald: Hitler’s Dog, Gossip & Trickery”
“Queen of the South” Season 1 (2016)
“All We Had” (2016)

Available 5/10/2017

“El apóstata” (2015)
“The Adventure Club” (2016)

Available 5/11/2017

“Switched at Birth Season 5 (2017)
“The Fosters” Season 4 (2016)

Giphy / laserletheque

Giphy / laserletheque

Available 5/12/2017

“All Hail King Julien: Exiled” Season 1
“Anne with an E” Season 1
“Get Me Roger Stone”
“Master of None” Season 2

Available 5/15/2017

“Command and Control” (2016)
“Cave” (2016)
“Lovesong” (2016)
“Sherlock” Series 4 (2016)
“The Intent” (2016)

Available 5/16/2017

“Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive
“The Break-Up” (2006)
“The Place Beyond the Pines” (2012)

Giphy / Tumblr

Giphy / Tumblr

Available 5/18/2017

“Royal Pains” Season 8 (2016)
“Riverdale” Season 1 (2016)

Available 5/19/2017

“The Keepers” Season 1
“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” Season 3

Giphy / Reddit

Giphy / Reddit

Available 5/21/2017

“What’s With Wheat” (2017)

Available 5/22/2017

“Inglourious Basterds” (2009)
“They Call Us Monsters” (2017)

Available 5/23/2017

“Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King”
“Dig Two Graves” (2014)

Available 5/24/2017

“Southpaw” (2015)

Giphy / Tumblr

Giphy / Tumblr

Available 5/26/2017

“Believe” (2016)
“Bloodline” Season 3
“I am Jane Doe” (2017)
“Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower”
“War Machine”

Available 5/28/2017

“Bunk’d” Season 2 (2016)

Available 5/29/2017

“Forever Pure” (2016)
“A New High” (2015)

Available 5/30/2017

“F is for Family” Season 2
“House of Cards” Season 5
“Marvel’s Doctor Strange” (2016)
“Sarah Silverman A Speck of Dust”

Giphy / gifbay

Giphy / gifbay

Thank you, Netflix. Which ones will you be adding to your queue?