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Giraffe Mom’s Baby Got to Meet April the Giraffe, and It Was Super Cute

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April the Giraffe has finally–finally!–had her baby, but the world’s cycle of giraffe obsession could not be complete until April the Giraffe finally met the woman known as Giraffe Mom, who briefly went viral in her own right in March by putting on a giraffe mask while pregnant and starring in her own April the Giraffe parody video.

Back in March, at the height of April the Giraffe mania, photographer Emily Dietrich was 39 weeks pregnant, obsessed with watching the Animal Adventure Park’s livestream of April the pregnant giraffe, and in possession of a giraffe mask of her own. So she did what any pregnant woman does these days: She put on the mask and made a livestream of her own.

Dietrich marched around her bedroom in a sports bra, giraffe mask, and a string of pearls, and for some reason the Internet loved it.

“Clearly we live an exciting life over here in the Dietrich household,” she wrote on Facebook at the time.

Does this make her the world’s first giraffe impersonator? When will Ru-Paul host a show for America’s Best Drag Giraffe? Maybe Dietrich can compete against the lady who went into labor wearing a Chewbacca mask to see who is the ultimate wacky, mask-wearing pregnant lady.

Well now both April and Dietrich have had their babies.

Giraffe Mom met April the Giraffe

Facebook / Erin Dietrich

Dietrich’s son, Porter, was born on March 8. After a much, much longer wait, April finally thrilled the viewers of her popular livestream and had her calf, and he’s an adorable little boy that is already 5’9″.

Everyone had loved the April the Giraffe livestream and Dietrich’s parody so much that when the giraffe was finally born, Inside Edition flew Dietrich and her baby out to the Animal Adventure Park to meet April and the baby giraffe. Porter is one lucky baby!

The Animal Adventure Park is holding a contest to name him, and for $1 apiece people can suggest names on the park’s website. (It costs $1 per name, with a five-name minimum, and the money goes to charity and animal care.)

The park says it will pick the top 10 names and let the public vote on them, but according to Good Housekeeping, someone has already started a petition to name the calf Porter, after Dietrich’s baby. Nearly 500 people think that should happen, but I’m still holding out for Spotty McTallHorse

What do you think they should name April’s baby?