Disney World Has Pink Champagne and This Might Be the Only Time I’ve Ever Wanted to Go to Florida

Why does Florida get to have this and not California?! Living less than an hour from Disneyland means I have zero plans to ever take my kids to Disney World. I have a strict No Florida policy, and once we got The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Southern California, I haven’t felt as though we were missing out over here on the West Coast. But then Disney World has to go and come out with this, and now I’m sad we live so faraway. Disney World’s pink champagne with pink Mickey ears is the cutest damn cocktail I’ve ever seen, and I need it.

Disney World’s pink champagne is what Millennial dreams are made of. Plus it has pink Mickey ears.


The drink has an official name: Millennial Pink Celebration Toast. Which is … pretty damn perfect, if you ask me. The rose-hued sparkling wine come in a flute and is topped with THEEEEE most adorable little pair of pink Mickey ears I’ve ever seen. And it gets better, if you can believe it.

The pink Mickey ears ARE MADE OF CHOCOLATE. Because of course Disney thinks of everything and no, they aren’t going to put a hat on your champs that you can’t eat.


Disney World’s pink champagne can be found at Amorette’s Patisserie in the Disney Springs area of the resort. And if you thought that edible pink Mickey ears are the best this place has to offer, well, you’d be wrong.


Fancy a cake that’s shaped like Mickey’s tushy? Say no more, fam. The restaurant serves a variety of fancy pastries and desserts. And they have a full menu of adult beverages. Because every parent who’s ever taken their kids to Disney World knows those are pretty much necessary.

But here’s where it gets REALLY magical and special.

The sparkling wine used in the Millennial Pink Celebration Toast isn’t just ANY pink sparkling wine. It’s called Fairy Tale Celebration Cuvee, and it’s made by Iron Horse Vineyards in Sonoma County. It was designed especially for Disney, and you can only find it at Disney Parks and on the Disney Cruise Line. How’s that for exclusive?

The drink is a fairly new edition to the menu at Amorette’s, so if you’re headed to Disney World, make it a point to stop in and try it. Just a warning, though: if the #amorettes hashtag on Instagram is any indication, be prepared to wait in a VERY long line. Are there rider switch passes for booze? Asking for a friend.

(Image: Instagram/@disneysprings)

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