Funko Pop Is Releasing A Harry Potter Advent Calendar And Taking All Of My Money

harry potter advent calendar
Image: Twitter/@OriginalFunko

Well, it looks like I’m right on schedule with spending too much money this holiday season, and it’s not even Halloween yet. I try to get a jump on my Christmas shopping (don’t we all), but then I inevitably buy too much or keep finding gifts. I’m the wrong kind of person for starting early, because my list never closes, it just grows. Then we have situations like what happened today, where I drop a wad on some Christmas thing that doesn’t check off a line on ANY list. See, what happened is Funko announced a new Harry Potter advent calendar. And I mean, I couldn’t NOT preorder one. You feel me, right? Good. I can always count on you guys to support me.

Advent calendars are always a fun little treat during the holidays. And this Harry Potter advent calendar promises to be THE MOST FUN.

I’ve written about my love for Harry Potter before. It runs very, very deep. So when Funko announced that an advent calendar of my favorite magical series was coming this holiday season, I audibly gasped. In case you’re unfamiliar, Funko makes all of those adorable Funko Pop vinyl figurines. They come in full-size or mini, and this calendar is stocked with 24 mini Harry Potter figurines.

harry potter advent calendar
Image: Funko

According to the website, each calendar will have Harry, Hermione with her time turner, Ron, and more of our favorites. I spy with my little eye a Dumbledore, Hagrid, Hedwig, and even that lovable house dwarf Dobby. Obviously, every single door you open will reveal an invaluable treasure. INVALUABLE VINYL TREASURES, I SAY.

The Harry Potter advent calendar is available for preorder now, and you KNOW this thing is going to sell out.

I’ve seen it on WBShop and Entertainment Earth. Word on the street is it’ll also be available at Target after the release date in late November, but I’m not taking any chances with trying to track one down once the hoards descend. At $60 a pop, it’s a little more than I usually spend on an advent calendar. OK, it’s a lot more, since my girls are more than happy with the $1.99 calendars from Trader Joe’s. But for Harry Potter fans, it’s more than worth it.

Now I have to figure out where to hide it from my kids and come up with an explanation for why I suddenly have 24 mini Funko Pop Harry Potter figurines in my room. Merry Christmas to meeeeeeeee!

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