24 Legit Ways You Can Help A Friend After Their Baby Comes

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Organize A Meal Train

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My oldest was born when I was a young military wife living in a city far away from my family and lifelong friends, and the nicest thing anyone did for me post-baby was to organize a meal train. For two weeks after giving birth, people showed up at my door every afternoon with giant portions of food. Please consider doing this for your new mom friend. It doesn’t matter if she’s got a partner at home who will supposedly help cook, or if her MIL is flying in to town. It doesn’t matter if half the people bringing by meals are your own friends, who she doesn’t even personally know. What matters is that Mama gets fed. The Internet makes this even easier, with websites that help well-meaning friends put together meal trains and even let the organizer provide info about preferences or allergies. Food will always be appreciated.

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