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17 Formula-Feeding Mom Stereotypes That Are So Accurate

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Say it with us ladies, “I am a formula-feeding mom.” (And say it loud and clear gents, “I am a formula-feeding dad.”) There ain’t no shame in formula-feeding because #FedIsBest. You know it, we know it, and hopefully most of the world with an open, logical mind can see the perspective. If you’re part of the formula-feeding club, chances are you are familiar with formula-feeding mom stereotypes.

We’re not here to talk about negative ones. Nor are we going to waste time busting through ones that are so outlandish they couldn’t possibly be true. We are here to provide a chuckle at some of the formula-feeding mom stereotypes that are hilariously accurate and true. Read them in between preparing your next bottle or whenever you have a spare moment from baby. And know that you’re part of a special, welcoming, organized, slightly stressed bunch. These 17 formula-feeding mom stereotypes hit the nail on the head — or should we say nipple on the bottle?

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