20 Common Childhood Ailments Every Parent Should Know About

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Any parent can tell you that children are a magnet for sickness. Whether at parks, indoor play areas, daycares, and even regular old school, our children are constantly being exposed to something. And since they’re relatively new to the world, they need to develop immunity to everything. Sometimes, it seems like we pass months or years simply counting the weeks before the next cold strikes. No matter what your personal philosophy to germs and keeping clean, it’s impossible to shelter our little ones from all of it.
So when illness strikes, what’s a worried parent to do? Consult the Internet, of course! We’re just kidding (kind of); you should always go to your child’s pediatrician or other care provider if you’re truly concerned, and be wary of trying “home remedies.” But many common childhood ailments can be easily treated at home, especially when symptoms remain mild. Read on for a list of some issues that may crop up in the early years of parenting, with some ideas for how you can relieve your little one’s discomfort.

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