Head Lice Are A Common Problem, But That Doesn’t Make Them Less Terrifying

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little-girl-head-liceEvery parent has certain things that gross them out beyond their ability to suck it up. Some people can’t handle loose teeth. Others can’t handle cradle cap or nose picking. The thing that sends me running and screaming in the other direction is head lice.

I was lucky enough as a child to never have to deal with head lice. I would listen in horror as friends explained their battles with the buggies and vow to do anything my power to never get it. I realize, of course, that it wasn’t their fault they got lice and that my avoidance of it was largely luck, but that does nothing to calm the intense reaction that stirs in me whenever I hear the word ‘lice.’

I was browsing Reddit recently and stumbled upon a link to a natural parenting blog offering natural alternatives to medicated lice treatments. It was the usual crunchy stuff: coconut oil, castile soap, essential oils, and apple cider vinegar. While I applaud their efforts to avoid toxins and all of the other things we’re supposed to be afraid of, I can’t help but think my sole reaction upon finding out one of my kids had lice would be more like this:


And that is probably the wrong reaction.

I probably do need to listen to the crunchy moms and avoid slathering my child in pesticides. My instinct to panic is just so strong. I can’t handle the idea of bugs living on me, no matter how common of a problem it is. Even writing about head lice right now is making my head itch. I might go into the bathroom when I’m done and obsessively check my scalp. Hell, I might preemptively just slather my head in olive oil and essential oils every night because why not?

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