Mom Who Received Hateful Anonymous Autism Letter Responds Without Getting Nasty

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pin point of brainLast we heard from Karla Begley, the mother who received an anonymous screed about her autistic son, she was understandably pretty shaken. Despite that police are unable to press any charges at this time, the rallying support from Karla’s community has her talking back. In a response to said anonymous person with “normal children,” to quote their letter, Karla addresses the problem with how the able-bodied often view the disabled. But never does she even bother with any low blows.

On “Love That Max,” a special needs blog described as “about kids with special needs who kick butt,” the mother, who is reportedly in a wheelchair with multiple sclerosis, addresses intolerance and ableism. But more to the point of that original letter, Karla answers some of the writer’s ignorant questions about her son Max‘s care, his place in this world, and his future:

I will not stoop to an insulting level. What I have to say is about tolerance, acceptance and respect for kids with special needs.

Nobody should ever write a letter that hurtful. It describes Max as being “noise polluting” and “a nuisance.” Kids make noise. That’s what kids do. Nuisance is causing a public uproar about it! I remember being a kid and screaming at the top of my lungs with another girl. The problem is that tolerance goes down the second a kid is out there in a yard alone, a kid with special needs, making noise. Those “noises” are the only way my son has to express himself and play…Over the years, people have often said to us “God only gives you what you can handle.” But last night, I said to my husband, “I think God finally thought the Begleys have had enough!” The community rallying around us has been amazing, the outpouring of support is awesome. It puts your faith back in humanity: Yes, people are generally good.

Yay for community.

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