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Hallmark Introduces Adorable Mother’s Day Cards For Gay Moms

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Hallmark added some new designs to its greeting card line to include messages for families that have more than one mom. It’s fantastic and it’s about time.


The inside of the card says, “How does anyone ever get by with just one?” The message is amazing, not only good for gay moms but for their kids who will now feel more included when products actually exist that reflect their family.

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Hallmark Cards Inc. spokeswoman Kristi Ernsting said the company is offering two cards with same-sex sentiments this year: “One card ‘for two moms’ and one card ‘for my partner.’” They follow Hallmark’s new same-sex Valentine’s Day cards introduced this year, which Ernsting said “were well received.”

Industry trade group the Greeting Card Association said same-sex Mother’s Day cards are a sign of the times.

With more and more states legalizing gay marriage it’s good to see companies like Hallmark responding in a positive way. As our society continues to evolve, I’m sure we’ll see an even greater representation of different kinds of families across the board. It may just be a couple of greeting cards – but it’s a start.

Families with same sex parents deserve to have options when it comes to buying this kind of stuff. Good job, Hallmark.

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